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Caged: MTV Tries to Ruin MMA

Caged: MTV Tries to Ruin MMA

Brain HolmesBy Brian Holmes

With MMA getting bigger and bigger seemingly without slowing down I knew everyone would start jumping on the bandwagon.

 There's been more media attention to MMA as of late, with movies, video games, workout equipment and such.  I have even noticed more attention to MMA in my neck of the woods (upstate ny) even though it is not even legal here yet.

 What I did not expect was for MTV to have an original MMA show that seemed to be like the rest of their shows.  When first hearing about Caged premiering I was very skeptical about how the show would be and I wished that I had followed my gut and not watched it.

 The show started off with lines that were obviously written by the producers and not the cast, which thoroughly annoyed me.

 Relying on drama like all of the other shitty MTV reality shows, the show seemed to barely have anything about MMA in it.  The bulk of this show was commercials and background stories on fighters and the people they are close to. MTV Caged

 The question you care?

 If you have never watched MMA before this would be the last show that I would recommend you to watch cause it might turn you away from the sport forever.

 The show is incredibly bland and in no way grabs your attention.  The one time during the show where I almost gave it my full attention was during the fights, but out of three fights they only showed about a minute of fighting and then back to the drama again.

 The only good thing that will come of the show is getting new fans in to MMA, but I doubt any hardcore MMA fans are watching this show regularly.

 This show is also good marker for how far MMA has come.  MTV is the trend following station, so MMA has gotten to a point where MTV thinks it can make money off of a show about it then thats a good sign.

 Nothing against the fighters on the show, two out of the three fighters seem to work hard, just hope that they make the best of their MMA careers and not let MTV write what they are going to say to market the show.


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